GDPR / Privacy Policy

I don’t want to write a load of unnecessary legal sounding gumph, but I do need to publicly acknowledge GDPR and your data rights. So here, in plain language is what you may need, or like, to know!

Who am I?

I’m Clare Rawson, trading as Little Letters Learning, a sole trader business.

What data do I hold?

When you book a Little Letters session, I gather the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your child’s name
  • Your child’s birth date.

I need your name and email to communicate with you, for instance sending confirmations and notifications about the sessions you’ve booked. I use your child’s name and birth date to tailor elements of the sessions to your child. Things like name cards or name recognition activities. I use the birth date to assess the age of the group as well as marking birthdays.

I absolutely never share or sell this data. You can ask me to delete it here.

Known Third Parties

I use a company called Acuity Scheduling to manage my bookings. They run an account system. You don’t need an Acuity account to book, but there are benefits to having one, like auto-filling forms.